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  • Tableau: Format Date As String mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm

    gah. Why is some of this stuff so challenging in Tableau?  You have a date and you want to format it as a string? Why? So you can concatenate it with another string perhaps? Maybe you’re creating a calculated field to use in a label (that’s what I was doing). Unfortunately, when you convert a […]

  • Tableau: Custom Date Range Picker

    For Tableau requirements like: Allow user to choose “Last 7 Days”, “Last 30 Days”, etc. this is your ticket. It turns out one parameter and one calculated field are all you need.

  • Tableau – Where is the path to my extract!?!

    Suppose you create an extract in your desktop version of Tableau and everything is running great. Then one of your peers casually asks “how big is that .tde file anyway?” You quickly check file explorer and discover the extract is not in the default location (What is the default path?). It seems like there should […]

  • DAX Formulas To Know And Love

    PowerPivot this. PowerPivot that. Blah, blah, blah. Sorry folks, I don’t have time to learn your new Excel plugin because I’m writing SQL! I’m hardcore! Well, I finally started using PowerPivot a few days ago and I’m pretty impressed (although I seem to be able to make Excel crash pretty frequently). So I’m starting a […]

  • It all comes back to the work that occurs behind the curtain…

    Couldn’t have said it better… RT @lanier: “80% of #datascience is infrastructure; 20% is the fun stuff—charts etc.” – @opower at #strataconf — Michael Cavaretta (@mjcavaretta) October 24, 2012  

  • Create A List In Your SSRS Tooltip: Not Impossible!

    Warning!  This post is barely finished.  I putting it up as a reminder to myself that I had a hard time finding a post explaining how to do it and I should write a post on it. “It’s impossible” they said.  “It can’t be done!” they claimed.  “You’re mad (but still surprisingly handsome!)” the women […]

  • Execute Stored Procedure From Excel With Temp Table

    Do you want to execute a stored procedure from Excel?  No problem!  Does your proc contain a temp table? Problem!  Actually, don’t panic.  The fix is incredibly simple.  Tracking down this post was probably the most difficult part.  When executing a SQL Server proc with a temp table you must remember to “SET NOCOUNT ON” […]

  • Most Effective Business Intelligence Charts And Graphs

    As software vendors flood us with flashy dashboards and widgets for our BI projects, some of which clearly obscure information more than they illuminate, I started  hunting for research documenting which methods of charting are the most effective.  Naomi B. Robbins “Creating More Effective Graphs” presentation fits the bill (turns out the presentation is based […]

  • Radar Chart? You must be kidding.

    I’ve been thinking about the display of data quite a bit lately.  Some ways of presenting data are clearly more effective than others.  When providing data in a visual format the goals are one of the following: