Tableau – Where is the path to my extract!?!

Suppose you create an extract in your desktop version of Tableau and everything is running great. Then one of your peers casually asks “how big is that .tde file anyway?” You quickly check file explorer and discover the extract is not in the default location (What is the default path?). It seems like there should be some way to see this in Tableau but I sure couldn’t figure it out (hit me in the comments if you have the scoop).

So here’s how to find out where your Tableau extract is:

  1. Open your .twb file using your favorite text editor (notepad, notepad++, etc.)
  2. Do a search/find for the following xml:
  3. Go to the next line which should begin with the tag:
  4. Find the attribute

    . The path to your extract file should be immediately after.

Oh yeah! You’re a rockstar!

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