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  • SSRS: Parse parameters column from ExecutionLog

    Ever worked on a quick little project, come across what you assume is a common need and think “I’ll just google up some code that someone else has written and then be off to the races”?  Have you done this and not been able to find the code you’re looking for? Well, that was me […]

  • Easy SQL Server Snapshot Script / Proc

    Man!!!! Why is the code to create a database snapshot so ridiculously complicated? Actually, I guess I understand why but how about allowing it to be done through SSMS and then setting a bunch of the parameters as defaults for us? Come on Microsoft! Help a SQL brother out! Well luckily, where Microsoft fails, I’m […]

  • DBFit and SQL Server: How to connect and create your first test

    I love the idea of DBFit (being able to run tests against every database system under the sun) but have found it very challenging to get up and running. There is documentation but it seems to assume a level of familiarity with FitNesse that I definitely did not have. The primary hurdle for me was […]

  • DBFit and SQL Server and JDBC: Missing JDBC Driver.

    If you are using the java version of DBFit and you want to connect to SQL Server you may start to think it can’t be done. Fear not! It is possible! I’ll summarize the required steps as well as all the error messages I received along the way. Running through these steps will enable you […]

  • How Do I Figure Out My SSRS ReportServer URL If It Is Not The Default?

    Don’t you love how what should be a simple little tasks can become the most time consuming of the day? While trying to set up Visual Studio so that I could deploy directly to a development server I realized I would need the path to the SSRS ReportServer. Not the Report Manager mind you but […]

  • How To Set Variables Using The SSIS Execute Package Utility

    Yay! There’s a GUI to execute SSIS packages! Boo! It’s really hard to figure out how to pass variables through it! You may have seen a message that looked something like this: TITLE: SSIS Execution Properties —————————— DTExec: Could not set Package.Variables[User::MyVarA].Value value to Data Source=DevServ1. —————————— BUTTONS: OK —————————— Here are the three most […]

  • SQL Server T-SQL To GreenPlum PostgreSQL Syntax Cheat Sheet

    Here’s a quick translation from SQL Server’s T-SQL to Pivotal’s MPP GreenPlum PostgreSQL for some of the most commonly used syntax (i.e. here’s the stuff I’ve tripped over while moving from SQL to GreenPlum/Postgres) .   SQL Server – TOP SELECT TOP 100 * FROM MyTable Corresponding PostgreSQL – LIMIT SELECT * FROM my_table LIMIT […]

  • SSIS Export To UTF-8 or UNIX (or how to set your code page to output a flat file for unix)

    As more and more companies are moving to heterogenous environments with both windows and unix systems the life of the Microsoft SQL Server developer is becoming much more interesting. For our recent data warehouse project I was asked to create a SQL Server 2012 Integration Services (SSIS) ETL package to output a text file for […]

  • SSRS Subscription Error: Failure sending mail: The report server has encountered a configuration error. Mail will not be resent.

    So, when a SQL Server Reporting Services subscription gives you an error message like: “Failure sending mail: The report server has encountered a configuration error. Mail will not be resent.” You know exactly what to do to fix it right? Just fix the so called “configuration error”. Problem solved! Another day another dollar. Am I […]

  • Change The Owner Of An SSRS Subscription: The Simple Way

    So you need to change the owner of an SQL Server Reporting Services subscription? No problema. (Why would you need to change it you might ask? Perhaps because you have deactivated the user account that created the subscription and now “strange things are afoot at the Circle K”, and if you know that reference please […]