How Do I Figure Out My SSRS ReportServer URL If It Is Not The Default?

Don’t you love how what should be a simple little tasks can become the most time consuming of the day? While trying to set up Visual Studio so that I could deploy directly to a development server I realized I would need the path to the SSRS ReportServer. Not the Report Manager mind you but rather the report server. Fine, no problem, the default install should be the ssrs server name followed by “/reportserver”. When I tried the path though in internet explorer I got a message that the site could not be found. Hmmm, looks like it was not installed in the default directory. I nosed around in report manager a bit and was unable to find anything indicating what the virtual report server directory might be. This was going to require me to put on my thinking cap. Here’s what ended up working:

  1. Remote Desktop to the server where SSRS is installed.
  2. Open up the services (run: services.msc).
  3. Scrolling through the services you should see SQL Server Reporting Services with something in parentheses after the name. For example, SQL Server Reporting Services (SQL2012).

SSRS ReportServer Name Services Window


The value in parentheses is your secret decoder ring!

You should now be able to find your report server by using the following URL http://servername/reportserver_TheValueInParentheses. In the example above it would be http://servername/reportserver_SQL2012.

SSRS Report Server Not Default Path

That’s it!

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