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  • GreenPlum and DBFit

    Just a quick little stub of a post to track progress using the DBFit Test Driven Database Development Tool with our GreenPlum installation. DBFit seemed like a great option since it will theoretically support both GreenPlum and SQL Server.   I ran through the getting started documentation on the DBFit site fairly quickly and had the initial […]

  • Postgres/Greenplum Get The Last Two Values In A Delimited String

    Yuck. This works and I’m recording it here in case I need it again but yuck. Here’s the scenario: there is a column in a database with a delimited string. The number of delimited values can vary. SOmetimes there will be one delimited value, sometimes there will be twenty. For this specific case I needed […]

  • Convert CamelCase to Underscores using SED and tr: GreenPlum MPP Refactor

    All of our SQL Server databases use CamelCase as the naming convention. Unfortunately, GreenPlum MPP does not support CamelCase (without the use of quotes that is). Since I was transitioning a table from SQL Server to GreenPlum MPP and because I’m becoming a bash wizard (ha!) I wondered if there was a simple way to […]

  • GreenPlum MPP Tool Review: Navicat For Postgres

    I’ve spent a few hours so far working with Navicat for Postgres connected to our GreenPlum MPP (Massively Parallel Processing Database). (pgAdmin continues to iritate me but it’ll be hard for a competitor to supplant the free incumbent). There is definitely some solid functionality here. Pros: Performance – The UI seems to be balzingly fast […]

  • SQL Server To GreenPlum MPP/Postgres Transition

    I’m working with a team building a data warehouse using Pivotal’s GreenPlum MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) database which is based on PostgreSQL. Although, all the data modeling basics transition easily from RDBMS to RDBMS there’s a bit of a learning curve switching tools and syntax. Listed below are some of the items I’ve noted during the […]