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  • DBFit and SQL Server: How to connect and create your first test

    I love the idea of DBFit (being able to run tests against every database system under the sun) but have found it very challenging to get up and running. There is documentation but it seems to assume a level of familiarity with FitNesse that I definitely did not have. The primary hurdle for me was […]

  • DBFit and SQL Server and JDBC: Missing JDBC Driver.

    If you are using the java version of DBFit and you want to connect to SQL Server you may start to think it can’t be done. Fear not! It is possible! I’ll summarize the required steps as well as all the error messages I received along the way. Running through these steps will enable you […]

  • GreenPlum and DBFit

    Just a quick little stub of a post to track progress using the DBFit Test Driven Database Development Tool with our GreenPlum installation. DBFit seemed like a great option since it will theoretically support both GreenPlum and SQL Server.   I ran through the getting started documentation on the DBFit site fairly quickly and had the initial […]