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  • Scheduling SSIS Packages With JAMS: Simple Not Easy

    Scheduling SSIS packages to run via JAMS can be pretty tricky (especially compared to the plug and go of scheduling SSIS with the SQL Server Agent).  Here are a few tips to get you started. Create a command line dtexec for your package to confirm all your parameters and syntax is correct. I like to […]

  • SQL Server To GreenPlum MPP/Postgres Transition

    I’m working with a team building a data warehouse using Pivotal’s GreenPlum MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) database which is based on PostgreSQL. Although, all the data modeling basics transition easily from RDBMS to RDBMS there’s a bit of a learning curve switching tools and syntax. Listed below are some of the items I’ve noted during the […]

  • Which code page for UTF-8?

    If you’re trying to export data in Windows to a UTF-8 format you may be wondering which code page you should use. Well the riddle is solved. Code Page 65001 is the equivalent of UTF-8. If you need to create an SSIS package to export data as UTF-8 for consumption by a unix system you should […]

  • SSIS Export To UTF-8 or UNIX (or how to set your code page to output a flat file for unix)

    As more and more companies are moving to heterogenous environments with both windows and unix systems the life of the Microsoft SQL Server developer is becoming much more interesting. For our recent data warehouse project I was asked to create a SQL Server 2012 Integration Services (SSIS) ETL package to output a text file for […]

  • SSDT – Pre and Post Deploy Script Markers And Flava Flav

    I admit, this post is primarily to provide a place for me to copy and paste my own code, but it’s so sweet I figured some of you other SQL Server Data Tool Users might find it handy. When troubleshooting the generated deployment scripts I’ve always added a PRINT statement to indicate the beginning and […]

  • SSDT – The object reference differs only by case from the object definition warning

    Well here’s a Visual Studio SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) warning I haven’t come across before. I suspect the problem occurs only when performing a join to an external database reference dacpac. Luckily, the fix is simple (although a bit time consuming if you have very many of these warnings). First, the warning message will […]

  • SSDT VS 2012 – Bringing an existing database under source control

    Alright! You are the hero of your database team! You’ve received the okay to start using SQL Server Data Tools to manage one of your existing databases. You think to yourself: “Within a few minutes I’ll have the project up and running and I can move on to phase 2 of my plan to save […]

  • Where is vsdbcmd.exe in Visual Studio 2012!?!

    Looking for your old friend vsdbcmd.exe in visual studio 2012? There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is it’s gone and it’s not coming back. (see this MSDN thread if you don’t believe me). The good news is there’s a replacement: sqlpackage.exe The path for sqlpackage.exe is typically: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\110\DAC\bin […]

  • SSRS Subscription Error: Failure sending mail: The report server has encountered a configuration error. Mail will not be resent.

    So, when a SQL Server Reporting Services subscription gives you an error message like: “Failure sending mail: The report server has encountered a configuration error. Mail will not be resent.” You know exactly what to do to fix it right? Just fix the so called “configuration error”. Problem solved! Another day another dollar. Am I […]

  • Change The Owner Of An SSRS Subscription: The Simple Way

    So you need to change the owner of an SQL Server Reporting Services subscription? No problema. (Why would you need to change it you might ask? Perhaps because you have deactivated the user account that created the subscription and now “strange things are afoot at the Circle K”, and if you know that reference please […]