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  • Tableau + Git: Ignore default directories and preference files.

    Here’s a quick little item you might find handy. If you find it annoying that git keeps showing some of your default Tableau directories and files (which would probably only happen if you change your Tableau default repository) then you can set git to exclude those files and directories when it checks for modifications. In […]

  • Cygwin and Git – Tired of typing your password? Cache it!

    I’m a git and cygwin noob. Despite that I like using the command line. It’s a bit of mental gymnastics and keeps the mundane from getting mundane. One thing that irritated me though was having to constantly retype my password when pushing or pulling from remote. Through dumb luck I stumbled across the secret config […]

  • Configuring Kdiff3 and Git with Cygwin (now with Spaces!)

    Oh my word. I don’t know what else to say. This was waaaay harder than I thought it would be. The goal was to able to open up two files from different branches and see the changes between them. the git command “difftool” looked to be the secret sauce and everything was working great until […]

  • Finding all the checkins in a git branch (aka finding all the files with a commit)

    Identifying files which have changed between two branches in git using the cygwin command line. (Note: I assume this works for any command line git tool). 1. If the files were checked in using windows there may be issues with line endings. To make your git command line ignore line ending differences in files perform […]