So you want to your company to buy a new piece of software… Here are the basic steps to get what you want

Sections you should include in your project / implementation plan

1. Definition of objective / Establish Sponsors

Definition of Problems to solve

Identify executive sponsors and supporters

2. Requirements gathering

3. Vendor selection & trial

Sign MNDAs

Notes: Using the best in class or industry standard should be the default. Deviate from this guidance only if the cost is prohibitive or there is a must have, deal breaker feature that the best in class does not have (which is really unlikely because they are the best in class…)

Avoid trialing more than two tools, trials are extremely time consuming. Be comfortable eliminating tools based on peoples’ prior experience with them.

Get ballpark pricing from the vendors before the trial. You do not want to trial a tool that is out of your price range.

4. Purchase tool

Security review

Legal review

5. Migration & Integration

Includes testing and validation

Includes data warehouse and reporting changes

Includes import of data from legacy application

6. Legacy application shutdown

7. Training

There may be two pieces here:

  1. Educating on the business objective and the proposed process to reach it (again, the objective is not to get a new tool. The objective is to do something).
  2. Training on the new tool.

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