Is Your Team Defending The Status Quo? (Are you?)

Saw this blog post from Seth Godin.  It outlines a number of points that might indicate you are defending the status quo.  Don’t get me wrong, in many cases there are benefits to the status quo.  It’s proven, it’s understood, you know the pros and you know the cons.  In many cases sticking with the status quo may be the right choice.  One thing I can guarantee though is that sticking with the status quo simply because it’s the status quo is never the right choice.

According to the post the following are some warning signs that you are defending the status quo:

  • You exaggerate how good things are now in order to reduce your fear of change.
    “It’s we’ve never had a problem with this before…”
  • You grab onto the rare thing that could go wrong instead of amplifying the likely thing that will go right?
    “But what if X occurs, this wouldn’t handle it…”
  • You slow implementation and decision making down instead of speeding it up?
    “I agree, I just think we need to take more time for analysis so we can be sure…”

Take a look at the post, make a copy of it, distribute it to your team…

Seth Godin: The Warning Signs Of Defending The Status Quo


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